ATO scams – what to look out for

Consumers are being warned by the Australian taxation office (ATO) to be mindful of potentially fraudulent calls directed from parties posing as the ATO.

Throughout September 2017 there has been a dramatic rise in scams urging consumer to pay their debt. The scams can be threatening to the unsuspecting victim as they urge consumer to pay or be condemned for tax fraud, arrest or even to face court.

Although the scams can be quite daunting, there are a couple of red flags consumers can watch out for if faced with the potentially malicious phone call or email.

Signs to watch out for:

  • The ATO has stated that the scammers are using Robotic voice recordings using generic names and claiming to represent the ‘ATO Tax Crime and Investigation Unit’.
  • The scammers have been known to request payment though unusual payment methods including pre-paid visa cards and gift cards. The ATO will never request payment through these mediums.
  • Watch out for threatening statements or prosecutions as this could be a clear indication of a scam.
  • Pay attention to requests to send personal information, money or card details over the phone

Regarding the recent scams, the ACCC estimated that $2 million dollars has been shelled out by an estimated 40 000 people.

If faced with a suspicious situation regarding potential ATO scams, hang up and contact us the ATO on 1800 008 540 to get confirmation on the legitimacy of the call.